Gift Cards and wishing wells

Gift cards, also known as note on gifts or wishing well cards are an important item in your wedding stationery checklist. They inform your guests your gifting preferences to avoid any confusion, making the process easier for your guests. Wishing well cards are the most popular option, often featuring a little poem or verse, or alternatively, some couples opt for a gift registry which is where a note on gifts card can be useful. This allows you to note down your registry, or any gift guide suggestions for your guests. A 'Notes on gifts' card can also be where you politely explain that no gifts are necessary if that’s your preference. Regardless of what gift option you pick, here at Sydney wedding printing we can help create a beautiful gift card that will flow with the rest of your stationery.

A note on gifts card A note on gifts card
Wedding Gifts Card Wedding Gifts Card
Gift card Gift card
Gift card Gift card