We love the use of foils on wedding printing to make the invitations look luscious, expensive and classy.

Foils come in all colours of the rainbow and are added after the print process.

A block, like a stamp is made up and used to impress the foil onto the page.

For this reason foiling does have its limitations:

  • Some fonts too fine to make an impression with a foil.
  • Can’t have variable data like names etc as the block has a cost to set up.


However there are ways around this. The block can be expensive but is a one off cost so  if you have an emblem or some sort of wedding crest made up this can transfer to all your wedding stationery.

If you want individual names to be foiled you could consider using a metallic PMS ink as part of your artwork.

This is much more cost effective but less stunning.

We would be happy to quote you for foiling, design and PMS printing for your wedding stationery.