Ink on paper would seem like a simple thing but did you know there are 100’s of papers to choose from and each design lends itself to a particular stock?

A simple text theme looks wonderful on a smooth or linen card stock but if you print this design onto a hammered or heavily textured stock the finer details of the writing can be lost.

We digitally print in house on large sheets of beautiful paper and card stocks. We then chop them up, score them and fold them if necessary and package them up to you.


There are many reasons to choose digital printing over other methods for Wedding Stationery but here are a few standouts

  • Digital printing is cost effective. Your wedding bills are probably stacking up. Printing doesn’t have to break your budget
  • Digital printing is FAST! We can print short runs quickly in house. Whilst you may need to wait weeks for other print methods you can generally get your digital printing within 2 business days
  • Digital printing is in house. You are buying Australian made and designed product produced in Australia by a family run Australian business. What could be better than that?

If you would like samples of our stocks or have a strong view about which paper you would like to have your stationery printed on please give us a call or come in.

We’d love to meet you and chat about paper choices. At Sydney Wedding Printing, your printing is our passion.