Digital Printing

Ink on paper would seem like a simple thing but did you know there are 100’s of papers to choose from and each design lends itself to a particular stock?

A simple text theme looks wonderful on a smooth or linen card stock but if you print this design onto a hammered or heavily textured stock […]

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Interview with Joanne Marsh

Style of wedding:
Ceremony was in Centennial park by a lake, the reception was in the Coogee Surf Club
Time of year:
Early summer in Sydney.
Save the date / RSVP:
We decided to be a bit unconventional and sent out the invitations and save the date as one card. As people were travelling from overseas we needed […]

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Welcome to Sydney Wedding Printing

Printing is a complicated game with confusing and sometimes slightly gruesome jargon such as bleeds, trims, blocks, GSM and CMYK. Often the bride (or groom’s) first introduction to this complicated world is when they order wedding printing. Vista Print or OfficeWorks seem too large and generic. What if you make a mistake and order something […]

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