Printing is a complicated game with confusing and sometimes slightly gruesome jargon such as bleeds, trims, blocks, GSM and CMYK. Often the bride (or groom’s) first introduction to this complicated world is when they order wedding printing. Vista Print or OfficeWorks seem too large and generic. What if you make a mistake and order something that looks cheap and rubbish – not the look you were going for for your wedding. Printing sites ask for ‘artwork’ with bleed and trims whatever they are, but then specialist wedding stationery shops seem prohibitively expensive- after all, it is only ink on paper isn’t it?

We first had the idea for this website many years ago when we realise the market was missing a welcoming introduction to the confusing worlds of graphic design and printing. We wanted to develop a simple site that offers 3 things: a range of beautiful themes that are customisable, with a choice of beautiful paper and personal customer service; a friendly port of call to print purchased designs from outlets such as ETSY; and an introduction to graphic designers who can offer a bespoke wedding stationery design service.

So, here it is. Welcome to Sydney Wedding Printing. We are looking forward to meeting you and introducing you to the world of beautiful wedding printing.